Guiris de Mierda

Who are we?

Guiris de Mierda is an informal clothing brand built around community.

We reclaim a phrase that usually has negative connotations and represent it with pride.

Born out of our love for Spain, our journey begins in Madrid´s buzzing streets and lifestyle. In each exclusive drop, we reimagine every piece as a wearable collective image. Our fascination with old Cartelismo design narrates the story of our day-to-day life, something that is in the DNA of the brand as we focus on high-quality materials and design.

We dare to break the rules by adopting iconic quirks, and reminding the world that there's beauty in welcoming the unexpected.

We believe

We believe that everyone is a guiri at some point in their lives. In a world where experiencing different countries and cultures has become the norm, who hasn't felt like an outsider at certain points? -And that is something that, in fact, brings us together.

Gone are the days when socks and sandals are laughed at and chastised.

We embrace

We embrace integration as we celebrate Spanish culture.

Giving back is a big part of what we do with our community. Through our events, we make an active attempt to empower people to take their lives into their own hands. Whether that be from creating their own opportunities to starting their own businesses.

And above all...

We are on a mission to redefine the 'guiri' experience without taking ourselves too seriously.

Because you have to be able to take the piss out of yourself a little bit, don't you?